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Mothers (Fathers) for the Advancement of Social Systems Inc. (MASS) is a non-profit foundation providing a pathway for adults, families and children seeking a meaningful opportunity to become productive citizens. Since 1993, MASS Inc. has helped people being released from prison readjust to life without bars and providing support for the children and families of adult offenders at high risk for substance abuse, medical or emotional disorders and poverty. In addition, MASS Inc. creates positive environments by working to improve economic opportunity through educational achievement, job development and housing availability.

MASS Inc. programs ensure equality to all citizens while providing effective and appropriate solutions to economic, social and racial inequities within the Dallas community, State of Texas and Southwest Region.

While the strategy for reducing problems long term is ongoing, MASS Inc. is committed to being a leader in reducing the human impact, particularly on children and families, while cultivating opportunities to develop a better future. The challenge is enormous, but so are the rewards.



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Whether you want to volunteer your time or donate funds, MASS Inc. welcomes help from those who want to enrich their lives and improve their community.

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MASS Inc. is dedicated to not only helping Incarcerated Individuals and Formerly Incarcerated People but to their families and communities as well. With targeted programs, counseling and support, MASS Inc. is proving to be a vital link in re-integrating people into society and in guiding young people towards a more productive and promising future.


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