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The State of Texas houses the second largest prison population in the United States. The Reintegration to Society Programs are designed to assist individuals who are incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, and those on probation to become productive law-abiding citizens of our communities.

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Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson Substance Abuse Education Facility

Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson Substance Abuse Education Facility

Visiting Prisons

Parenting Classes

Lending a helping hand, a University of North Texas and MASS Inc. collaboration in Monteray, Mexico

Whether you want to become a volunteer or make a financial contribution, MASS Inc. welcomes your support to enrich lives and improve our community.


MASS Inc. is dedicated to not only helping incarcerated individuals and formerly incarcerated people  but to their families and communities as well. With targeted programs, counseling and support, MASS Inc. is proving to be a vital link in re-integrating people into society and in guiding young people towards a more productive and promising future.