We Need Your Help

MASS Inc. works specifically with people who are unlikely to receive help any place else. Contributions of money, supplies and time are always welcome.  We appreciate and thank those who want to help improve our community.

Please print the following form out and mail to the address below.

City State ZIP
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MASS Inc. Membership I Would Like to Volunteer

  Individual - $36 ($3 per month)

  Personal Time

  Family - $60 ($5 per month)

      ______ Hours per week

  Small Business - $300

      ______ Hours per month

  Business Services

  Fundraising Efforts

I Want to Help I Would Like to Donate
  My contribution $__________

  Business supplies/equipment

  Please contact me regarding

  DART/Bus Passes

  corporate sponsorships

  Other, please contact me

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Card Number
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Please mail to:

3737 Atlanta Street
Dallas, TX 75215


Thank You for Helping


Whether you want to become a volunteer or make a financial contribution, MASS Inc. welcomes your support to enrich lives and improve our community.


MASS Inc. is dedicated to not only helping incarcerated individuals and formerly incarcerated people  but to their families and communities as well. With targeted programs, counseling and support, MASS Inc. is proving to be a vital link in re-integrating people into society and in guiding young people towards a more productive and promising future.